Supplying Incitec Pivot Limited


Suppliers contribute to our success through alignment of our values and working with IPL to drive a culture of continuous improvement. 

Suppliers who emphasise a commitment to caring for the community and our environment are strategically important to the success of our global operations.

If you supply materials or provide services that we are likely to require in our project work or operations, then we invite you to register your company's interest via the Supplier Database. Submission of a completed Supplier Registration and our acknowledgement of receipt does not conform to approval or pre-qualification status on any supplier. The award of any business by IPL will follow established procedures for tendering, evaluation and negotiation.

All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence but may be disclosed to any part of IPL for the purpose of supplier evaluation.

All information is to be completed electronically. If you have any issues please contact


Supplier Diversity
Engaging Indigenous businesses

As part of IPL’s commitment to Reconciliation, IPL is focussed on providing access to opportunities for Indigenous businesses to create shared and sustainable economic and social outcomes. 

To help achieve this, we have:

• Invested in cultural awareness and competency training for our procurement team and other IPL                personnel
Established an Indigenous procurement framework 
Established targets and key performance indicators across a range of criteria
Created a dedicated role to ensure delivery of our Indigenous procurement objectives

We are actively looking at opportunities to engage Indigenous businesses in our supply chain and improve access to employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians. 


Modern Slavery 

In January 2019, the Australian Government commenced implementation of the Modern Slavery Act 2018. This Act requires businesses to take reasonable steps to ensure there is no modern slavery connected to the goods and services they procure.

Our general awareness e-learning module for modern slavery is available for our suppliers, partners and other interested parties. In this module, you will learn about the types of modern slavery, how to identify modern slavery, and actions you can take to address it.

In order to conduct business, and to be listed as a supplier in the SAP purchasing system database, the completion of the module is mandatory. The module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

IPL Modern Slavery Module

Supplier Risk Questionnaire:
The Supplier Risk Questionnaire is intended to identify and mitigate any potential risks of modern slavery within IPL’s supply chains. 

New Suppliers:
For potential and new suppliers, the Risk Questionnaire is required to be completed as part of the onboarding process.

Existing Suppliers:

For existing Suppliers, the Risk Questionnaire is required to be completed on request of the Company.