Global Manufacturing Capabilities


Supporting our Businesses with global manufacturing capabilities

Incitec Pivot Limited is a global manufacturing company producing a wide range of explosives, industrial chemicals and fertilisers. 

As well as owning and operating 20 plants in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey, Incitec Pivot Limited has joint venture operations in South Africa, Malaysia, China and Australia.

Our initiating systems and assembly plants in the US, Mexico and Australia, build detonators, boosters and cartridge explosives such as dynamite.

With 7 major nitrogen and 7 initiating systems plants, IPL's world scale Waggaman ammonia plant, commissioned in October 2016, was completed on time and under budget.


Nitrogen Chemistry

Incitec Pivot Limited primarily supplies nitrogen based products:

  • Explosives: Ammonium nitrate based explosives
  • Industrial Chemicals: Nitrogen related industrial and specialty chemicals
  • Fertilisers: Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisers

Through Incitec Pivot Limited's brands, Dyno Nobel and Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, we supply and service the resources, infrastructure and agriculture markets.

Manufacturing Explosives

Our manufacturing of explosives business includes Dyno Nobel ammonium nitrate and initiating systems facilities.

Ammonium Nitrate (AN) plants take raw materials: nitrogen, natural gas, ammonia, oxygen and water to create ammonium nitrate (AN) (NH4NO3). Prilled AN or AN solution is the key raw material input to create explosives such as ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) and emulsion (water resistant explosives for use in wet boreholes). Our AN plants are located in North America, Canada, Australia and Turkey.

Initiating Systems (IS) and assembly builds detonators, Nonel, Detcord, cartridge explosives (e.g. dynamite), boosters and assembles the products for customer specifications. IS facilities are located in North America, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia and China.

Completed in 2012, our plant at Moranbah, in Central Queensland, is located in the heart of one of the world's largest coal mining provinces and produces ammonium nitrate for the mining industry.

Manufacturing fertilisers

We manufacture a range of fertiliser inputs and products including ammonium phosphates, ammonia, urea, sulphuric acid and superphosphates at six manufacturing sites across eastern Australia. IPL is the only domestic manufacturer of ammonium phosphates and urea.

We also manufacture industrial chemical products used in water treatment, process manufacturing and other industrial applications. 

Located 900 kilometres west of Townsville, our plant at Phosphate Hill, Queensland is the biggest fertiliser plant in Australia and has an annual capacity in excess of 950,000 tonnes. At the site we operate our export and warehouse facilities, and open-cut mining is used to extract phosphate rock.

It is uniquely positioned, combining world-class and low-cost manufacturing plants and ammonia production from gas is sourced from long-term gas supply agreements.

Phosphate Hill is complemented by a world-scale sulphuric acid plant at Mt Isa, 160 kilometres to the north. Sulphuric acid is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of ammonium phosphates. 

At our Gibson Island plant in Brisbane, in south-east Queensland, we produce ammonia, urea and ammonium sulphate. Gibson Island has the capacity to manufacture 300,000 tonnes of ammonia, 280,000 tonnes of urea and 200,000 tonnes of ammonium sulphate, annually. The proximity of this plant to its domestic markets gives it a cost-competitive advantage, in addition to its long-term gas supply arrangements.

IPL also produces superphosphates at its Geelong plant. Superphosphate is the most commonly used fertiliser for improving pastures.