Style of Work


The variety of our sites, regions working arrangements means you can choose the style of work that best fits your individual lifestyle and priorities.

Fly-In/ Fly-out

Due to the location of some of our remote sites, you may work on a fly in/fly out (FIFO) roster. You will usually be based within a metro city and commute to work by plane to one of our sites around Australia. While most people are usually based in the closest metro city to each site, there are options for you to salary sacrifice flights from other locations in Australia. 

This style of working offers an extra FIFO allowance on top of your base salary, as well as accommodation and meals while you are on site. Our FIFO sites also have a great working environment, with a warm community feel and modern facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts and gyms.

Working a FIFO roster is a lifestyle choice. The shifts can be 12-hours in duration, with typical lifestyle friendly rosters including:

  • Two weeks on/one week off
  • Eight days on/six days off
  • Four days on/three days off

There are also opportunities for DIDO rosters (drive in, drive out) from many locations throughout New South Wales and Queensland, with typical lifestyle friendly rosters including:

  • One week on/one week off THEN eight days on/six days off
  • Five days on/four days off THEN five days on/five days off THEN four days on/five days off

Remote Residential

Another way we deliver staffing solutions to remote areas is through relocation to local Residential communities. 

If you choose this style of work you will be supported with financial and logistical relocation assistance, to help you settle into the community. With less commuting time to and from work, you can find the space and community away from the daily trappings of city life, without losing access to the modern infrastructure amenities like schooling, dining and shopping. 

Rosters are dependent on the type of role, but are most commonly either:

  • Monday to Friday on/ Saturday Sunday off
  • Four days on/five days off THEN five days on/four days off

Metro/regional Residential

We also have various opportunities based within metro cities and larger regional towns, which can be a unique offering within the resource and agriculture sectors. 

This style of work offers the same connections to success, impact, and opportunity as any other role, while allowing you to also remain connected to a larger city life within culturally thriving cities like Brisbane, Townsville, Port Adelaide, Newcastle and Geelong, among others. 

 Rosters are dependent on the type of role, but are most commonly on a Monday to Friday roster.