Talent and Leadership Development


You can only be your best when you are welcomed and supported by the best.

By connecting you with close-knit, committed teams, mentors and leaders whose variety of perspectives, experiences and capabilities are creating innovative solutions, you will be supported to thrive. 

On an annual basis, functional heads and leaders within each business identify employees with high potential. The identification process uses both a set of criteria and data from the annual performance management process. The Executive Team then develop an annual list of candidates to receive training and development opportunities to meet their full potential. 

Our Learning and Development Function also aims to develop your leadership potential. It will give you the flexible skills and relevant competencies needed to rapidly adapt to changing financial and market situations, and the skills and experience needed to succeed in a large, multi-geography, multi-cultural organisation. 

Succession planning is also conducted annually, identifying short, medium and long-term candidates for key roles. 

You will work with teams that are inclusive, collaborative and solutions focussed. We have strong relationships/memberships with NAWO, WIMWA, WIMARQ and Diversity Council Australia, and these groups all run amazing events, webinars, mentoring programs and more that can support your career development. 

Another of our initiatives is the My Potential program. It is a practical and progressive program, that has been purpose built to develop the potential and support the career ambitions of emerging female talent. The program sees nominated participants engage with their Managers in group sessions as well as within individual coaching sessions over a four month period.