Our History

Our explosives history can be traced right back to Englishman William Bickford, who invented the safety fuse for explosives in 1831.

In 1865 Alfred Nobel, who later established the Nobel Prize, invented detonators and dynamite and established the company that later became Dyno Nobel. 

The companies that these two pioneers created were to join forces in 2003 when Dyno Nobel purchased Ensign Bickford.

Our fertiliser history goes back to 1919 with the formation of the Phosphate Co-operative Company of Australia Limited, which was later to become Pivot Limited. 

Pivot Limited and Incitec Fertilisers merged in 2003 to create IPL and three years later the Company’s fertiliser production capacity more than doubled with the purchase of Southern Cross Fertilisers.

The next company-changing move was the acquisition of Dyno Nobel Limited in 2008. This transformed IPL into a diversified international business with world-scale explosives and fertiliser manufacturing, marketing and servicing operations.

This transaction brought together all the enterprises originated by William Bickford, Alfred Nobel and Augustus Wolskel, Pivot’s founder so long ago. 

Today, IPL is a visionary company building on superbly-credentialed foundations to carry its success into the future.