Why be an IPL Grad?


At Incitec Pivot Limited we understand that university is a great place to soak up the theory, but you may still be unclear as to what exactly being an Engineer means in the real world. IPL is a recognised world leader in the resources and agricultural sectors. With 66 manufacturing facilities and joint ventures across five continents, we connect our graduates to more technical expertise, more variety and more opportunities to start and grow their career in engineering.

Showing you more to engineering

Our graduates get the kind of real world exposure and diversity that larger organisations simply can’t match. Why work somewhere with a single industry focus when IPL can show you opportunities in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, and Materials Engineering with applications across both Agriculture and Mining. 

You'll have the best of both worlds – the diversity and expertise of a global organisation, along with the opportunities to be involved and influence change that can only be offered by a smaller one. 

Listening to your aspirations

No-one is expecting you to make immutable career defining decisions along the way. It’s normal to discover and evolve your interests, and we will support and cater to your preferences throughout the program. No two graduate pathways will ever be the same. 

Building you beyond two

100% of our past-graduates have found a permanent job within the company after the completion of the program. So you can be assured the skills you learn with us are setting you up for your entire career, not just the next two years. 

Employee benefits and rewards