Natural gas needed to support Australian jobs and the economy


Incitec Pivot Limited has re-iterated its support for the federal government’s plans to reset Australia’s east coast gas market.

Managing Director and CEO Jeanne Johns said the government’s gas-fired recovery initiatives would support Australian jobs and the economy and play an important role in the country’s COVID recovery.

“Gas is part of Australia’s past, present and future. Australia is naturally blessed with this important feedstock and energy resource. You can’t make personal protective equipment for healthcare workers or fertilisers for Australian farmers without Australian gas,” Ms Johns said.

“Australia needs gas to maintain and grow manufacturing jobs in industries that Australians will need for decades to come such as fertilisers, cement, plastics, and aluminium.”     
The renewed support for gas in Australian manufacturing follows the release today of a Grattan Institute report questioning the future role of natural gas in Australia.  

The report builds on past Grattan Institute work advocating government policy intervention to create ‘green steel’ and new industries while dismissing initiatives to create a globally competitive gas price in Australia to secure existing jobs.

"Australia exports 80 percent of its gas and east coast manufacturers and consumers have to pay three times the global price for domestic gas. The government’s reforms are key for industrial gas users and households to get a fair deal.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the government, gas producers and other stakeholders on these reforms which will be a key part of Australia’s economic recovery,” Ms Johns said.


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