Our Program


Working at an IPL site is the ultimate opportunity to gain exposure to both the mining and manufacturing industries while gaining hands-on engineering experience. We offer Graduate Engineering positions in our Manufacturing operations.



Far from trying to make you fit a concrete and restricted program pathway, we want to incorporate your career aspirations, interests and preferences into the existing structure of the two-year program, so you can tailor your ideal career pathway. 

No-one is expecting you to make immutable career defining decisions along the way. It’s normal to discover and evolve your interests, and we will support and cater to your preferences throughout the program. No two graduate pathways will ever be the same. 

Your support network

Graduate program journey


Our Graduate Program consists of between 2-3 rotations over two years. Rotations may be between sites/locations or between teams. Throughout your rotations you will be guided through the recommended training framework that follows the 70/20/10 methodology with an emphasis on-the-job experience, as well as receiving personalised development planning. 

At the start of each rotation, your Graduate Leader will discuss goals of the rotation as well as a development plan with you. Throughout the program there will be regular meetings with your Leader and Mentor, as well as the Graduate Program Manager and other fellow graduates to check in and share what you’ve learned so far. And by the end of each rotation, you will be prepared to confidently deliver a presentation on your key outcomes and achievements to the site leadership team.