Research & Development


Delivering products and services that reduce our customers’ impacts

Within our Fertiliser business, our sustainability focus within the value chain is on ensuring that the health, safety and environmental impact of products, product packaging and services are considered and managed responsibly and ethically.

Efforts to mitigate the environmental impacts of our explosives products continue to be focused on reducing the impacts associated with their use and using more sustainable input materials. Researching blast designs and products to reduce nitrate leaching and other post-blast impacts.

Our fertiliser business, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

In 2019 we released our third high efficiency fertiliser, eNpower™, to market. Like our Green Urea™ and Entec® products, eNpower™ is specially formulated to retain nutrients in more stable forms for longer periods, increasing plant nutrient uptake and reducing the likelihood of volatilisation losses to the atmosphere as GHG and to waterways through leaching. 


 Our Explosives business, Dyno Nobel 

Our Delta E proprietary explosives method reduced both energy use and GHG emissions associated with blasting for our mining and quarry and constriction customers. 


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