Company Profile


Incitec Pivot Limited is a leading technology supplier to the resources and agricultural sectors committed to helping create a sustainable and decarbonised world.

With a team of just over 5800 dedicated employees, we have a strong safety culture that we’re committed to building on. With iconic brands, leading technology solutions and great customers, we operate in the resilient markets of agriculture, mining and quarry and construction. And of course, we are committed to a sustainable and decarbonised world, with an ambition to reach Net Zero operational emissions by 2050, or sooner if practicable. 

An ASX100 company, IPL has two customer facing businesses, Dyno Nobel based in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific and Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, a leading integrated manufacturer and distributor of fertilisers across the east coast of Australia. We are an international business with world-scale explosives and fertiliser manufacturing, leading technology solutions, marketing and servicing operations. We are proud to be considered a trusted partner by customers and suppliers.

Our explosives are used to unlock resources ranging from gold, iron ore and copper, to quarry and construction materials. Those resources contribute to new technologies, such as electric vehicles and wind turbines, and critical infrastructure. Our fertiliser products play an important role in enabling sustainable food production to meet the rapidly rising demand for food around the world.

With a rich technology heritage, IPL’s key technology drivers are to improve safety, productivity & efficiency, and sustainability. And we continue to invest in the development of new technologies and our service offering.  

Global Footprint

Serving high quality customers with technological solutions across six continents, including Australia, North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, we manufacture ammonium nitrate-based explosives and initiating systems, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisers, and nitrogen related industrial and specialty chemicals.


Dyno Nobel

Delivering advanced technology through practical innovation

Dyno Nobel is IPL’s international explosives and technical blasting services business and one of the largest industrial explosives distributors in North America and Australia. Blasting is an essential step in extracting the minerals required to meet the world’s demand for power, infrastructure and consumer goods. Construction, mines, quarries and seismic explorers use Dyno Nobel products to achieve safety goals and improve operational efficiency.

We provide a full range of reliable explosives products from manufacturing plants around the world and extensive blasting services. In fact, we boast some of the most highly trained blasters and technical experts in the industry, and operate in Australia, Canada, the United States, Indonesia, Mexico, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Turkey and France. Our research & development focuses on practical ways to use new technologies to benefit our customers and include DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY® ,DigiShot® Plus.4G and CyberDet® I.


Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Trusted partner in soil health

As a leading fertiliser manufacturer and distributor on the east coast of Australia, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers is on a journey to become the nation’s leading soil health business. Our people, products and services support farming communities and contribute to our growers’ production, which in turn helps feed millions around the globe. Resilient, diverse and proud, we are driven by science, innovation and maximising soil potential. Through our comprehensive “Agronomy in Practice” training course we help educate and develop the capability of Australian agronomists. Using an interactive and engaging program with hands-on activities and assessments at every step of the way, it’s the ultimate course in best practice soil, plant tissue and water sampling, testing, interpreting analysis results and making fertiliser recommendations.

Incitec Pivot Fertiliser’s leading brands include Granulock®, SuPerfect® and our patented de-nitrification inhibitor eNpower®. With a dedicated network of suppliers and agents across the east coast of Australia, as well as our NATA-accredited Nutrient Advantage® Laboratory, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers supports farmers with the crop nutrition insights and products they need to maximise yield potential in an efficient way. Further afield, through our global trading business Southern Cross Fertilisers, we sell and trade in major offshore agricultural markets including Asia Pacific, the Indian subcontinent, the United States, Latin America and other international locations.