Achieving Zero Harm for Everyone Everywhere is our number one priority as a business.

Our HSE Strategy focuses on the 4Ps: Passionate Leadership, People, Procedures and Plant. 

Passionate Leadership: Leadership sets the culture of the organisation. It directly influences employees by demonstrating expected behaviours. 

Leadership commitment and conviction enables the other 3Ps.

People: Personal responsibility for health and safety at all levels, in clearly communicating principles and behaviours that promote continuous HSE improvement.

Procedures: Having an HSE management system which promotes and is effective in supporting the best safety performance at all levels and across all functions is critical to achieving Zero Harm. Our HSE management system is a key tool underpinning safety performance at all levels and across all functions. 

Plant: Equipment and plants that are designed and maintained fit for purpose. Given the nature of the risks involved, ensuring the safety and integrity of our major chemical manufacturing facilities is paramount. 

This means making sure our facilities are well designed, safely operated and properly inspected and maintained, and meet all regulatory requirements. 
The IPL Board of Directors has oversight of health, safety and environmental matters arising out of our activities as they may affect employees, contractors and the local communities in which we operate. 

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