Incitec Pivot Limited reaches AdBlue supply milestone in record time


As part of work to increase AdBlue supply, Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL) this week distributed just over three million litres of the essential emissions reduction product across Australia, eight times more than IPL’s baseline rates in early December.

With the support of the Federal Government, last month IPL committed to mobilise its expertise and assess the expansion of AdBlue production at its Gibson Island plant in Brisbane to meet Australia’s needs, following limited supply from overseas markets. 

IPL Managing Director & CEO Jeanne Johns said since then, extensive work has been underway to ramp up production of the essential product which is needed to keep diesel vehicles moving across Australia. 

“Our expert teams have been working non-stop throughout the holiday period to expand our domestic AdBlue manufacturing and distribution capability.

“We are pleased to have reached the milestone of producing and distributing just over three million litres of AdBlue in the seven days ending on Sunday January 23, a massive 800% increase compared to the amount we were producing in early December,” Ms Johns said. 

“Thanks to the great support from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Industry Minister Angus Taylor and the Federal Government, we’ve been able to use our world class manufacturing, distribution and supply chain expertise to play an important role in increasing AdBlue supply for the nation.

“To achieve this milestone safely in record time is a fantastic achievement. I’m incredibly proud of our team who have worked tirelessly over the Christmas and New Year period to help address a national shortage of this critical product. 

“The hard work will continue as we aim to further increase production of AdBlue at Gibson Island in the coming weeks and months to meet Australia’s needs,” Ms Johns said. 

The milestone follows the commissioning and completion of production and distribution facilities. This includes new manufacturing capability, increasing quality assurance testing to 24/7 operations and a new Brisbane AdBlue Terminal capable of loading the equivalent of three B Double vehicles per hour for distribution to the industry. 

“We have been working with wholesalers on demand forecasts to support ongoing distribution of the increased volumes of AdBlue through their network. We thank them for their support and look forward to continuing to work together as we increase production volumes,” Ms Johns said. 

The three million litre a week milestone has been reached by expanding production of IPL’s existing method to manufacture AdBlue. This allows the final AdBlue product – a liquid form – to be directly distributed to wholesalers for distribution to the retail network. 
Importantly, IPL has also taken steps to ensure there are no impacts to its ongoing fertiliser urea supplies, used in the agriculture industry and relied on by Australian farmers. 

When Australia’s AdBlue supply shortage is less critical, IPL plans to undertake a manufacturing assessment to produce technical grade urea – a granulated (non-liquid) form of urea that can be supplied to Australian AdBlue blenders to manufacture liquid AdBlue.  

If the manufacturing assessment is successful, IPL would produce technical grade urea, in addition to manufacturing AdBlue.

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