Valuing employee performance


Our performance management is a collaborative process and requires both the manager and employee to participate equally.

Breaking the mould of generic corporate structures, we believe in creating genuine human relationships where everyone takes ownership of their roles to ensure the future success of our business and our people.
Our open and accessible lines of communication create collaborative, supportive, and solution focussed conversations between our talented employees and their similarly dedicated and instructive mentors and leaders.
With innovation at the heart of our future, we know we can only be effective in our strategies for growth and improvement when we communicate in open and honest ways about:
  • What is expected in terms of results
  • The expected values and behaviours required to achieve these results
  • The recognition and rewards involved when performance achieves or exceeds these results

Consistency, fairness and equity are instilled across each level of the process, as well as an investment to optimise your potential to achieve your individual professional and personal goals.