IPL appoints Executive Chief Information Technology Officer


In the newly created role of Executive Chief Information Officer, IPL welcomed Margot Sharapova to the IPL Executive Team on 15 April 2019. 

The position has been created in recognition of the critical function and increasing importance of the role of digital technology across IPL’s global platforms. 

Margot will be key to providing strategic leadership in developing the core IT functionality to support IPL’s global operational and corporate objectives such as future scalability, and a robust platform for customer product technologies developed by the Technology Development Group.  

With a career spanning over 20 years, Margot has held senior executive positions as CIO in large global and regional matrix organisations. Commencing her IT career in GE Plastics on the IT leadership program, Margot has advanced her career to CIO roles at GE Nuclear, Hydro & Medical Diagnostics, and more recently, CIO at AECOM Americas in the engineering and construction industry and UnitedHealthcare in leading IT strategy and operations.
Margot brings extensive experience in managing large and complex, multi-site IT transformations, leveraging technology to engage clients and consumers and is a welcomed addition that adds further strength to the global IPL Executive Team.