Warkworth community information

Community Safety Information 

Advice for neighbours of Dyno Nobel Warkworth.

This communication has been prepared by IPL to provide information to those who live or work near the Dyno Nobel facility at Long Point Road, Warkworth, New South Wales, Australia.

Dyno Nobel Warkworth is an emulsion manufacturing plant and services depot at Warkworth in the Hunter Valley coalmining region of NSW. The site is located at Long Point Road, Warkworth NSW.

Our Safety Framework

All IPL sites operate under a strict framework of federal, state and local government safety and environmental regulations. We have procedures and controls in place to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. The Warkworth, Dyno Nobel facility operates according to a prescribed Safety Management System which is designed to meet the requirements of OH&S legislation. The site has a system which is designed to meet the requirements of OH&S legislation. 

The site has robust plans ready to be put into action to manage a range of possible emergencies, including a chemical release or fire. Our emergency plans have been developed in conjunction with emergency service agencies such as Fire Brigades, the NSW Police Force and the Ambulance Service of NSW as well as Singleton Shire Council.

Emergency Response

Once activated, the detailed site emergency plans will guide IPL's immediate response to any incident, which may include advising neighbours if necessary. Minimising the potential for impact in the community is a key part of the plans, which will cover potential incidents including fire, ammonia liquid or gas release, chemical spill or leak, bomb threat and natural disaster. In an extreme circumstance, the site and possibly the surrounding area may be evacuated.

Contacting relevant authorities in the event of an incident

In the event of an environmental incident that causes material environmental harm, the Dyno Nobel Warkworth HSE representative and Emergency Manager will:

  1. Collect the initial basic information of the incident for reporting purposes; and 
  2. Immediately contact the following authorities as required by the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. The time that each of the authorities were notified will be recorded and included on the incident report.