Valuing employee performance


Our performance management is a collaborative process and requires both the manager and employee to participate equally.

For our people to be effective and successful in their roles we believe they need to know:

  • What is expected in terms of results 

  • How to go about achieving it – the expected values and behaviours 

  • What performance rewards apply

Our performance management framework aims for consistency, fairness, equity and reward for performance. It is a process for establishing a shared understanding of 'what' is to be achieved, and 'how' it is to be achieved. It is a collaborative process and requires both manager and employee to participate equally. 

Online tools ensure consistency and provide a central repository for performance management information. Every employee who is not part of a collective bargaining agreement that precludes them is required to have a formal performance review at six monthly intervals. 

Employees are assessed against both their individual goals and either our company Values or against a set of leadership competencies.