Employee Programs


IPL offers employees exceptional programs.

Employee share offers

Employees in Australia are able to access the Incitec Pivot Limited Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP).  

The ESOP gives employees the opportunity to receive an allocation of shares in IPL, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. By receiving an allocation of shares in IPL, employees have the opportunity to participate in the future of the company.

Employees can benefit from the effort they make each day towards improving IPL's performance and share value. 

The ESOP is an annual plan that is expected to be offered to eligible employees each year (around June), subject to approval by the IPL Board of Directors. 

Refer a Friend Program

Our Refer a Friend Program encourages employees to utilise their networks and refer friends or professional acquaintances who meet the qualifications and experience in selection criteria to vacant advertised positions with IPL.

Employees will receive a payment in accordance with the Employee Referral Program procedure. 

Learning and development

Our vision for Learning and Development across IPL is to:

  • Develop leaders with the appropriate skills and competencies to deliver continuous improvement and rapidly adapt to changing financial and market situations; and 
  • Foster an environment where employees have the flexibility, tools and freedom to realise our business objectives through continuous learning.

A range of Learning and Development opportunities are available to IPL employees to reach individual career goals.