Kooragang Island


Kooragang Island - EPL 11781

Site Address: 29 Heron Road, Kooragang Island, NSW 2304

Licensee: Incitec Pivot Limited

The operations at the IPL Kooragang Island facility are regulated by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) who has issued Environment Protection Licence (EPL) 11781. 

This EPL was issued to regulate IPL's activities on site including the storage, blending, bagging and dispatch of both liquid and granulated fertilisers. The Kooragang Island facility also imports, stores and dispatches sulphuric acid and ammonium nitrate.

The licence is subject to renewal on 1 October each year and may be subject to periodic review and amendment. This page intends to improve the public access to information about the environmental performance of IPL's Kooragang site and to make pollution monitoring data publicly available in accordance with section 66(6) of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

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Summary of Monitoring Data (Recent) 

The following is a summary of the recent monitoring results for the Site. 

Monitoring Data for Period May 2018 

Monitoring Data for Period April 2018

Monitoring Data for Period March 2018

Monitoring Data for Period February 2018

Monitoring Data for Period January 2018


Summary of Monitoring Data (Historical) 

The new obligations to report monitoring data only commence in March 2012. As such, when we talk of historical data it is the data post March 2012. Links to data from 2013 can be found in the related downloads section on the right hand side of this page.

For 2012 data, please head to our download centre - by selecting 'On Site Reports'.