Cockle Creek


Cockle Creek - EPL 208

Site Address: 13 Main Road, Boolaroo, NSW 2284 

Licensee: Incitec Pivot Limited 

The manufacturing and distribution operations on the Cockle Creek site were closed back in September 2009 but IPL is remediating historical contaminations on the site with a view to its longer term use for residential and public open space.

In the meantime, IPL's activities are regulated by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) pursuant to IPL's Environment Protection Licence (EPL 208). The EPA issued EPL 208 in order to regulate soil treatment and site remediation activities being undertaken on site. EPL 208 is subject to renewal on 1 October each year and may be subject to periodic review and amendment.

This page intends to improve the public access to information about the environmental performance of IPL's Cockle Creek site and to make pollution monitoring data publicly available in accordance with section 66(6) of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act).

Under EPL 208, IPL is required to monitor pollution levels at numerous Monitoring Points on the site. The information below includes summaries of the pollution monitoring data collected at the Monitoring Points identified in EPL 208 which are published here as required under the POEO Act.

Monitoring points and pollution type 

The following information provides an overview of the type of pollution, and frequency of monitoring, at each Monitoring Point identified in EPL 208. Summaries of the pollution monitoring data collected at these Points are published below. 

Land/Water Pollution

Monitoring point  Type of Monitoring point  Monitoring Frequency
 1  Discharge to waters
Discharge quality monitoring
Volume Monitoring
 Varies - monthly or daily during discharge (refer to EPL 208 for details)
 20-32  Groundwater monitoring  Quarterly
 40-46  Ambient water monitoring  Weekly during discharge
 47-48  Emergency discharge to waters. Discharge quality monitoring  Special frequency 1 - must monitor within 8 hours of commencing discharge and then weekly thereafter

Air pollution

Monitoring point  Type of Monitoring point Monitoring Frequency 
 33  Ambient air monitoring - HVAS and TSP Meteorological Station  Every 6 days
 34-39  Ambient air monitoring  Monthly

Weather - Monitoring Points

Monitoring point  Type of Monitoring point Monitoring Frequency 
 33  Weather monitoring - TSP Meteorological station  Continuous

Summary of Monitoring Data - Current 

The summaries for all of the pollution monitoring data for the current month are below. An archive of historical data from previous months can be accessed at the bottom of the page.

Land/Water Pollution:

Cockle Creek - Pollutant discharge monitoring results - November 2012

Air Pollution:

01 EPL 208 Air Quality Monitoring November 2012 - Monitoring points 33-39


01 EPL 208 Weather Monitoring November 2012 - Monitoring point 33

Summary of Monitoring Data (Historical) 

The obligation to publish pollution monitoring data commenced under the POEO Act in March 2012. The historical data in this section is an archive of data published since then.