Sustainable Explosives


We have developed explosives made with minimally treated waste oil at remote mine sites and continue to develop technologies to extract hydrocarbons from waste materials for reuse in mining explosives.

The disposal of used hydrocarbon oils at remote mining sites can be expensive, as often they must be transported over long distances to a suitable treatment plant for recycling or disposal. 

As petrochemicals are used to manufacture bulk explosives, an environmentally responsible disposal method is to formulate the waste oil into the explosives that are also used at the mine. This project involved developing explosives made with minimally treated waste oil at remote mine sites. Since the completion of this project, we have also been working with our customers to introduce technologies that use petrochemicals extracted from waste materials as part of the explosive composition. Waste materials such as discarded tyres and waste oil from machinery are ideal candidates for use, particularly at remote mine sites where trucking virgin materials in and waste materials out consumes resources and time. Read about our progress in developing this technology in the Reserach and Development section of our 2015 Online Sustainability Report.