Within our Explosives business, efforts to mitigate the environmental impacts of our products continue to be focused on improving the sustainability of the input materials we use.

Efforts to mitigate the environmental impacts of our explosives products continue to be focused on reducing the impacts associated with their use and using more sustainable input materials. Highlights during 2018 included:

  • Continued development and marketing of explosive products and delivery systems that reduce blast fume emissions and minimise groundwater nitrate leaching, including the commencement of a new joint research project with Murdoch University titled Low Fume Explosives for Critical Areas;
  • Continued testing of recycled, reclaimed and treated oils, hydrocarbons and waxes to supplement the use of virgin fuel sources in emulsion-based explosives;
  • Testing of oxidiser, an ingredient of explosives, sourced from internal and customer waste streams, with the successful commercialisation of one source, reducing waste and generating cost savings for customers;
  • Continued collaboration with customers.

Researching blast designs and products to reduce nitrate leaching and other post-blast impacts. Find out more about Dyno Nobel by clicking here.