Memberships of Associations


IPL is a member of various industry Associations. Those which are considered strategic include:

 Industry Association

Fertiliser Australia

The industry association representing manufacturers, importers and distributers of fertiliser in Australia, and associated service industries. Fertiliser Australia members supply over 95% of the fertilisers used in Australia. IPL holds a board position. 

International Fertilizer Industry Association

A not-for-profit organisation that represents the global fertiliser industry. IFA member companies represent all activities related to the production, trade, transport and distribution of the nutrients required to help farmers worldwide address the growing need for food, feed, fibre and bio energy. IPL holds a board position. 

The Fertilizer Institute

The trade association representing the public policy, communication and statistical needs of producers, manufacturers, retailers and transporters of fertilizer in the US. Issues of interest include security, international trade, energy, transportation, the environment, worker health and safety, farm bill and conservation programs to promote the use of enhanced efficiency fertilizer. Dyno Nobel Americas is a member. 

Australian Explosives Industry and Safety Group (AEISG)

Aims to continuously improve the level of safety in the manufacture, transport, storage, handling and use of precursors and explosives in commercial blasting throughout Australia. Dyno Nobel is a member.

Minerals Council of Australia

Represents Australia’s exploration, mining, and minerals processing industry, nationally and internationally, in its contribution to sustainable development and society. MCA   member companies produce more than 85% of Australia’s annual mineral output. Dyno Nobel is a member.

National Mining     Association

The voice of the American mining industry in Washington, D.C., NMA is the only national trade organisation that represents the interests of mining before Congress, the Administration, federal agencies, the judiciary and the media. Dyno Nobel is a member. 

Queensland Resources Council (QRC) An independent not-for-profit peak industry association representing the commercial developers of Queensland's mineral and energy resources. The QRC works to secure an environment conducive to the long-term sustainability of the minerals and energy sectors in Queensland, Australia.
Institute of Makers of Explosives

An association concerned with the safety and security of the commercial explosives industry in the United States and Canada. Dyno Nobel is a member. 

International Society of Explosives Engineers 

A professional society dedicated to promoting the safety, security and controlled use of explosives. Dyno Nobel is a member. 

Global Explosives   Safety Group (SAFEX)

A non-profit organisation of manufacturers of explosives and pyrotechnics which aims to protect people and property against dangers and damage by the sharing of experience in the explosives industry. Dyno Nobel is a member.

Canadian Explosives Industry Association (CEAEC)

An industry concerned with the promotion of high standards in the manufacturing, use, transportation and handling of explosives in the interest of worker and public safety. Dyno Nobel is a member.

Ammonium Nitrate Nitric Acid Producers Group (ANNA) 

An informal international organisation of manufacturers of ammonium nitrate and nitric acid with the goal of promoting networking within the industry through sharing knowledge, technology and experience. Dyno Nobel is a member.
The National Sand, Stone and Gravel    Association  An association for the aggregates industry in the US, concerned with supporting policies and regulation that promote the safe and environmentally responsible use of aggregates. Dyno Nobel is a member. 
Business Council of Australia  The Business Council of Australia provides a forum for Australian business leaders to contribute directly to public policy debates.  Members determine the work program and policy positions of the Council through their participation in policy committees, special-issue task forces and the BCA Board.
Manufacturing Australia A CEO-led coalition of some of Australia's largest manufacturers that work with governments, businesses and communities to promote Australia's manufacturing sector to make a significant and sustainable contribution to the nations's economy.
Australian Industry Greenhouse Network


AIGN is a network of industry associations and individual businesses which contribute to the climate change policy debate and see value in joint industry action on climate change in order to promote sustainable industry development. The network is committed to industry collaboration on equitable global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.