About This Report


IPL defines Sustainability as ‘the creation of long term economic value whilst caring for our people, our communities and our environment’. This commitment to Sustainability is driven by the Company’s Values and is core to the way IPL operates its business.


For eight years Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL) has produced a stand-alone Sustainability Report, incrementally improving disclosure each year against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines. This is the fourth year that sustainability performance data has been included in the Annual Report, thereby providing a full account of IPL's annual economic, environmental, social and governance performance in one document.


This online interactive Sustainability Report contains further information on those issues most material to the sustainability of IPL in 2017 so that stakeholders can better understand our social, environmental and safety focus and performance. The Report covers the 12 month period from 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017, the Company’s financial year. Our last Sustainability Report was also published online in April 2017 for the 2016 financial year. It can be downloaded here.


This Report covers the performance of IPL and its subsidiaries and the activities over which we have operational control for all or part of the financial year ended 30 September 2017. This period is referred to throughout the report as '2017'. Together, this online Report, the 2017 Sustainability Summary, the 2017 Annual Report and the 2017 Corporate Governance Statement provide the full account of IPL’s performance for the period.


This online interactive report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) 'G4' Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4) which have been applied at a 'Core' level. See our GRI Index here.


Prior year Sustainability Reports can also be found in the Sustainability section of our website at https://www.incitecpivot.com.au/sustainability/ipl-online-sustainability-report. We recognise the need to report on issues most relevant to our business and our key stakeholders, and we welcome feedback on this Report and our sustainability progress. Please direct any questions or comments regarding this Report or its content to us via sustainability.feedback@incitecpivot.com.au.