Support and Education of Customers

Our Fertiliser business engages with representatives of the agricultural industry online. We operate two online communities for farmers and agronomic advisors which focus on providing resources and support, particularly for those in remote locations.


The Farmer Community provides Australian farmers with valuable agricultural and industry information to assist with agronomic and fertiliser decision making. The Community was developed in response to a growing need for readily accessible information including new product information, agronomic advice and information about global fertiliser dynamics.


The Agronomy Community is a specialist nutrition website, bringing together Australia’s leading agronomists. It is a comprehensive resource for plant nutrition agronomy and a community where members are invited to participate, interact and network with their peers. The site includes a wealth of plant nutrition information including trials data and reports, videos of fertiliser trials and photo galleries, industry journals, advice and articles. Established in 2010, the Agronomy Community online forum now has more than 800 members around Australia who share the common goal of advancing the science of plant nutrition.


In North America, our Dyno Nobel business operates a Quarry Academy training centre for stone quarry operators.

The curriculum includes drilling, loading, crushing and screening training, as well as lectures from industry experts in subjects such as the benefits of the chemical crushing of stone, versus traditional mechanical crushing. These benefits include lower costs, less electricity usage and improved environmental and social impacts e.g. lower dust production. This year 130 operators attended the Academy. In Australia, our teams run NOx forums for customers on-site to educate them about the factors associated with NOx production and how to minimise it. Additionally, courses in optimum blasting techniques for both surface mining and another for underground mining are offered to customers.

Dyno Nobel’s Explosives Engineers’ Mobile App equips users with the full range of blasting tools, with worldwide accessibility - even in remote locations.

Our Explosives Engineers’ Mobile Phone App shares information with our customers about the most sustainable ways to utilise our products. The app equips current and potential customers with a full range of blasting tools that help optimise the blasting experience in the field. It also provides an electronic method to research product information, reducing the amount of documentation printed in the field. The Explosives Engineers’ Mobile App includes seven critical blasting calculators, access to our technical library and a comprehensive set of Dyno Nobel product information, including product specs and application uses. Users can also receive real-time updates that feature Dyno Nobel news, recent innovations and new videos. Moreover, worldwide remote accessibility to the app caters to the fact that remote mine sites often experience difficulties connecting to mobile services. In its first six months of operation, the App was downloaded by more than 8000 people.