Learning and Development

We aim to develop leaders with the flexible skills and relevant competencies needed to rapidly adapt to changing financial and market situations and to provide our leaders with the skills and experience needed to run a large, multi-geography, multi-cultural organisation.

This year we continued to focus on:

• Leader as Coach: continuing to develop leaders with the appropriate skills and competencies to deliver continuous improvement.

• Fostering an environment where, through continuous learning, employees have the flexibility, tools and freedom to realise our business objectives.

• Delivery of our current suite of learning solutions, aimed at building BEx capability across our entire Value Chain, including technical LEAN capabilities, communications, problem solving, leadership and coaching.

Fostering learning culture is critical to our ongoing success. The IPL Learning Business System (LBS) embodies how we operationalise Business Excellence in a learning and capability building context.


Our Learning Business System is a Group wide framework of standards, processes and tools for learning. Completed during 2017, the system is a direct enabler of our Human Capital strategies and a review will be conducted in 2018 to ensure its effectiveness. The key benefits and aims of the LBS are shown in the graphic to the right.


The IPL Business System guiding principles outline a clear role for leaders as coach. Through coaching, employees are engaged in individual and team based BEx problem solving methodologies to bring continuous improvement across many areas of our global business. This remained a strong focus in 2017 and has lead to a substantial lift in employee engagement across our sites.


The results have included the elimination of waste streams, improved safety, more efficient use of raw materials and monetary savings as our employees ‘Challenge and Improve the Status Quo’, ‘Care for the Community and our Environment’ and ‘Treat the Business as our own’. Engaging our employees to live out our company values through BEx leadership, coaching and focused improvement projects often results in meeting the ‘triple bottom line’ of sustainability by providing economic, social and environmental benefits and outcomes from a single project.


Coaching is a powerful learning experience for both the coach and coachee, as both participants gain a greater understanding and knowledge of themselves and their potential. Leadership as coaching also maximises the effectiveness of training events, because it assists in creating an environment of continuous learning.

During 2017 we continued to build coaching capability in our line leaders through our BEx aligned Leader as Coach program. Using the GROW model of coaching, this program provides our line leaders with both the interpersonal and ‘how to’ skills required to coach on the job, coach BEx methodologies to new starters and build capability in their teams using a coaching leadership style. The design of this program is based on a 70:20:10 learning approach, where most of our learning happens on the job (70%), through conversations (20%) and through formal learning (10%)

During 2017 we completed the roll out of an updated global Learning Management System (LMS) technology platform in the Americas. Supported by the standards, methodologies and tools which are part of our underlying Learning Business System, it provides standard processes for delivering, recording, and reporting learning that is aimed at creating and sustaining competence in our people.


The updated LMS, integrated with our core systems, is being progressively implemented with roll out in Australia once foundational software systems are updated in 2018, and will ultimately deliver a single global source of safety and regulatory compliance training for all employees and contractors. It will be accessible 24/7 and will provide a new level of accountability for both web and instructor based compliance training. Initially offering over 400 compliance courses, an additional 64 courses were added in 2017, and additional courses will be added regularly. The platform will facilitate the ongoing development of employees and provide consistency in training which will allow rapid deployment of new training and Zero Harm initiatives, including process improvements and Process Safety Management. The system will allow us to:


• deliver critical compliance and safety web-based training for all;

• align regulatory training to specific job codes and functions, ensuring our people get the right training in the right time frames;

• provide a single source of training records and content for our instructors;

• track training completions against requirements to provide visibility of competence of employees and contractors;

• run reports of training completions on demand;

• run reports of present and future training deficits;

• allow our managers to schedule employees on training courses; and

• provide our employees and contractors with a “one stop shop” where they are able to view, track and complete all compliance training assigned to them.

To ensure complete compliance and adoption as we roll out the system, we are tracking key scorecard metrics quarterly, which include: