At IPL, we are committed to being an inclusive and accessible organisation through the development of a culture that embraces diversity. We believe that making opportunities for the contributions of a diverse workforce which reflects our communities has benefits for our employees, our communities and our business, and can help us to grow, remain relevant and be competitive.

Our employees range in age and gender and come from many different cultures, traditions and lifestyles. It is the diversity of our people that makes our company a great place to work. IPL benefits from this variety of perspectives and ideas, experience and capabilities, all of which lead to a greater opportunity for innovation and a better workplace. Diversity at IPL is led by the Executive Team, is championed by our MD & CEO, and is supported by the Company’s Human Resources function. The Board maintains oversight and responsibility for the Diversity Policy and the development and implementation by management of the Diversity strategy. The Diversity strategy includes three principles which were established to provide guidance for the Company’s Diversity strategy and its relevant policies, programs and initiatives:


• Respecting our differences

• Shaping our future organisation

• Building a flexible organisation


Respecting our differences is critical to ensuring that our work places will be free of discrimination and harassment and inclusive of all people, regardless of differences. Shaping our future organisation means IPL is continually developing a more diverse workforce, creating business sustainability and strength. We also offer workplace flexibility by providing opportunities for working arrangements that accommodate the needs of the Company while balancing the diverse needs of its people at different stages in their careers and lives.


In order to progress our Diversity Strategy, this year the following initiatives were undertaken:


• Our Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report was endorsed as fully compliant by the WGEA, as 
in previous years. The purpose of the report is to provide an analysis of gender pay equity for IPL’s Australian operations, allowing us to implement strategies to address any identified issues. For more detail, see page 3 of our 2018 Corporate Governance Statement;

• We used key talent management metrics and our Talent and Succession Planning process to improve gender diversity within our Management roles by almost 7 percent;

• We continued to promote the IPL Family and Domestic Violence policy to provide support for our employees. This has been cascaded through the business from leaders and was promoted during White Ribbon Day in 2018;

• We continued to recruit through WORK180. WORK180 (previously Diversity City Careers) is the only online job platform where employer’s policies and procedures are pre-screened to ensure they support women’s careers;

• We continued to facilitate Indigenous cultural awareness for our employees through direct engagement with traditional owners, cultural surveys and participation in events such as Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week;

• We continued our involvement with organisations such as the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO), the Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA), Diversity Council Australia (DCA) and Women in Mining and Resources WA and QLD, which provide IPL with support and resources to attract, retain and develop female talent specific to our industry;

• We supported Austmine’s ‘Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program’ through the Dyno Nobel Vacation Program; and  

• Our My Potential Alumni in Australia encouraged change through taking STEM into local schools during Science Week.


IPL’s My Potential program has been specifically developed to support female employees to progress and thrive in their careers.


Using our Talent Metrics, we track the progress of female employees who participate in the program and have seen an increase in both promotions and role enhancement in comparison to non-participants. Considering the positive results and overwhelmingly positive feedback from the program participants, this program continued throughout 2018 in the Americas and will be reintroduced in Australia in 2019 for women across the middle and senior management levels within the Company. We recognise that female employees can face actual and perceived challenges to career development and progression which are not immediately apparent to their leaders. Our successful co-program helps leaders to gain insights and coaching skills to assist their female team members in overcoming some of the challenges they face, and aims to build our leaders’ capability to support female employees within their teams and across IPL.

In February 2018, IPL hosted a National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO) event in Brisbane. The theme of the event was ‘Goals, Obstacles and Transitions - Having what it takes’  


The guest speaker was Jade Edmistone, an accomplished athlete who has represented Australia in swimming at the Commonwealth Games and World Championships. Jade shared her experiences with success, but also her struggles with mental health, which were a challenge for her as she transitioned from her role as a professional athlete to her next steps.

“Jade's insights highlighted that failures can lead to success” said Davina Shearer, IPL’s Diversity and
Inclusion Adviser, who organised the event. “Being mentally healthy is essential to navigate through
obstacles and difficult transitions, both in our careers and our lives generally.”

Read about IPL’s promotion of mental health initiatives to our employees and contractors under Health and Wellbeing.


Dyno Nobel Moranbah proudly sponsored the 2018 Women in Mining and Resources Queensland event ‘Discovering Your Superpower’ held at Moranbah.


The speaker was Jo-Anne Dudley, winner of the 2018 WIMARQ exceptional woman of the year award. During her career, Jo has worked in underground mines across Australia, South Africa and in the USA, and currently works a reverse FIFO arrangement from Brisbane managing Strategic Mine and Resource Planning for the Oyu Toigoi Mine in Mongolia.


Jo-Anne spoke about the steps she followed on her path to finding her superpower, with tips for our female employees on how to find theirs.


In 2018, Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific employees across Indonesia celebrated diversity at their sites as part of Kartini Day celebrations.


The day celebrates Kartini, an Indonesian heroine, for her work in supporting education and the rights of women and girls. Our employees met to participate in the day’s celebrations and to continue the conversation on diversity.