♦ Managing Our Workforce

IPL endeavours to be a business where Company Values guide behaviours in the workplace and where employees have the flexibility, tools and freedom to learn what they need to execute business objectives within a multigeography, multi-cultural organisation. Attracting, developing and maintaining a highly talented and diverse workforce is key to living our Value of Respect, Recognise & Reward and vital to achieving our business objectives.


During 2016 we saw significant cyclical and structural change in our markets including explosives, industrial chemicals and fertilisers. In response, we involved and supported our employees as we reviewed our organisational structure and employee roles, implementing changes necessary to ensure alignment with these markets.


Our Human Capital strategy contributes to the achievement of our cultural, social and business goals. BEx is integral to our strategy because core BEx methodologies engage and involve our people, from the ‘shop-floor’ to the executive, to improve their skills and achieve continuous improvement in all facets of our operations. We believe that taking an integrated approach will lead to constructive and sustainable outcomes for our people and our stakeholders. During 2016, our strategic priorities were to fully utilise IPL’s diversity policies and practices, improve IPL’s learning systems to more efficiently support compliance with our standards, and to meet the challenges associated with the organisational restructure necessitated by our changing markets. Many people across the Company, from site to senior levels, were involved in using BEx methodologies to successfully develop this response.


Key highlights during the year were:


• The provision of role based development opportunities for the Company’s employees. Over 50 percent of senior employees have experienced a broadening of their role, a role promotion, or other role responsibility change during 2016.

• Maintenance of 2 percent Indigenous employment across IPL’s Australian businesses.

• Increased representation of women within executive and senior management roles.

• Commencement of the implementation of the global IPL Learning Management System (LMS).

• Broadening of the use of the change management framework to give effect to our Value of Respect, Recognise and Reward during change in work practices, structures and processes.

• Continued training in Behavioural Safety.

• The completion of our first annual report to Reconciliation Australia on the progress of the IPL Australian Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan.

• Extension of My Potential, a pilot program specifically designed to assist women to progress into leadership roles, across Australia and the Americas with the addition of a Managers co-program for the leaders of those involved.

• The development of Social Return on Investment Metrics to quantify and communicate our social contributions.


Key Challenges and Opportunities

 • Ensuring that we continually have skilled, diverse and ready talent to meet current and future demands in a changing market

• Being an inclusive and accessible organisation with a range of strategies to attract and retain a diverse workforce

• Continuing to build the pipeline of talent throughout the organisation, particularly for critical roles, to ensure business continuity

• Engaging our geographically and culturally diverse workforce on a site-by-site basis

Strategic Priorities

• Capability - Building our people’s BEx capability through the use of BEx methods and tools, which will contribute to the long term sustainability of our Company

• Diversity - Increasing our diversity profile at all levels of IPL. 

• Human Capital Systems - Completion of the implementation of the IPL global Learning Business System, begun in 2016, to provide Company wide standards for learning and development