Community Investment

Through our Community Investment Framework we are able to deliver long-term sustainable growth for our businesses and ensure the long-term health and vitality of our local communities. The Framework, implemented during 2013, has been one of the key outcomes of our Sustainability Strategy. It has been established to help us to build meaningful community relationships and has enabled us to further support our people in their endeavours to make a difference within their local communities.


The framework sets minimum standards all businesses and sites within the Group are required to uphold when administering community programs and spend, ensuring funds are issued consistently and fairly across our operations. Importantly, the Framework preferences local approaches, enabling each IPL business and site to respond to the distinct needs of their communities.


IPL’s Community Investment Framework directs that all community investments are issued in accordance with our ‘Principles for Giving’. These Principles have been endorsed by the Executive Team and ensure we have a strategic and consistent approach to community giving across the Group.


The Principles for Giving ensure that we:

• Support activities that provide solutions to local challenges and opportunities in the communities around our operations and where our employees live.

• Place a strong emphasis on supporting initiatives that help local organisations develop the skills and resources to bring positive and lasting benefits to the community.

• Provide funding to initiatives that are aligned to IPL’s Values and business strategy, and are integral to the long-term sustainability of the communities where we operate.


Our areas of focus are:

• Education – providing support for childhood, adult and indigenous specific education activities;

• Health – providing support for activities working towards better physical and mental health;

• Community Development – providing support for activities that enrich community life and enhance the social, environmental and economic sustainability of local communities.


Dollar for Dollar Program

Our Dollar for Dollar program, a key component of our Community Investment Framework, matches employee donations and fundraising efforts that are aligned to our Principles for Giving to a total of A$2000 per initiative. 

Workplace Giving

Australian employees are offered a voluntary Workplace Giving scheme whereby they can donate to one or more of the company’s nominated not-for-profit charities. The process is simple and streamlined, it offers a choice to employees as to how their contributions are directed, and allows them to influence where some of IPL’s community giving is focused: IPL has readily, and for a considerable number of years, embraced Workplace Giving matching to a level of $20,000 for each financial year.


Measuring community investment

During 2018, $467,343 of community investment was made globally through IPL’s Dollar-for-Dollar program, the Australian Workplace Giving program and various site-based initiatives. 100 percent of both local and Group donations were made in line with our Principles for Giving, with approximately 24 percent going to health initiatives (including sport), 10 percent going to education and 66 percent to local community development, which includes disaster relief.

Our total community investment increased by more than 20 percent since last year, and included $30,000 raised to feed livestock on drought affected farms in Australia. IPF’s ‘Farm Aid’ efforts will continue beyond 30 September 2018 into the 2019 IPL financial year.