♦ Community Consultation on Major Projects

We undertake community consultation activity in support of all of our major development projects. These construction projects are typically multi-million dollar developments, taking place over months and years.


The local community, understandably, has questions and concerns about how such developments may impact them. We utilise internal expertise and, when required, employ stakeholder and community engagement specialists to support our project teams and local people to ensure timely communications throughout a project’s life cycle.


Louisiana Project, US

During 2016, construction of IPL’s 800,000 metric tonne per annum ammonia plant was completed, with a dedication ceremony on Thursday 29 September 2016 led by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and IPL Chairman Paul Brasher. The plant achieved a TRIFR of 0.3 in 2016, well below its target of 0.7. During the plant’s construction over the past three years, more than five million man hours were worked with no lost time injuries recorded and a total project TRIFR of 0.31.

The Waggaman, Louisiana ammonia plant uses the industry’s leading technology and is among the most efficient plants of its kind in the world, employing gas purifier technology and recapturing steam for reuse. The plant is also fitted with SCR technology to reduce emissions of NOx by up to 98 percent. The plant sources its cooling water sustainably from the Mississippi River, and all wastewater and stormwater streams are treated onsite to meet strict water quality limits. Cooling water is returned as clean water to the river. In line with our commitment to sustainable development, the project was completed with zero land clearing. Download the Louisiana Project Case Study here.


Throughout each stage of the project, stakeholder and community engagement activities were undertaken to ensure community questions and concerns were appropriately addressed.


Our project team has continued to actively engage with the community in Louisiana during 2016, and has also maintained regular communications with Louisiana Economic Development, Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission, Jefferson Parish, Waggaman Civic Association and Cornerstone Chemicals Community Advisory Panel. Construction employment is estimated to have peaked at 1,200 workers, and 65 new direct jobs were created by the project. Louisiana Economic Development estimates the project will result in another 477 new indirect jobs, for a total of more than 540 new jobs.