Our Company Efforts


We have a proud history of community support.

We have a proud history of community support, ranging from philanthropic donations (e.g. for local sporting or community groups) through to disaster relief clean-up efforts and sharing our business expertise through information sessions in schools. In order for us to continue to deliver long-term sustainable growth for our businesses and ensure the long-term health and vitality of our local communities, we have a Community Investment Framework in place, which is governed by our Principles for Giving.

Principles for Giving

To inform the focus of our Community Support Programs, we have introduced a set of 'Principles for Giving'. The 'Principles for Giving' have been endorsed by the Executive Team and ensure we have a strategic and consistent approach to community giving across IPL. They are as follows:

  • We will support activities that provide solutions to local challenges and opportunities in the communities around our operations and areas our employees live in.We see this as the best way to build sustainable and meaningful relationships with these communities for mutual benefit.
  • We place a strong emphasis on supporting initiatives which help local organisations develop the skills and resources to bring positive and lasting benefits to the community. We do this by providing funding and support that can make a difference without creating dependencies. We make sure that any organisation we support has plans to be financially and operationally sustainable in the long-term, without our support. 
  • We provide funding to initiatives in one or more of the following priority areas only. These are aligned to IPL's Values and business startegy. These priorities are also integral to the long-term sustainability of the communities where we operate.They are: 
    • Education - encompasses activities supporting childhood, adult and indigenous specific education activities; 
    • Health - encompasses all activities working towards better physical and mental health; and
    • Community Development - priority includes support for activities that enrich community life and enhance the social, environmental and economic sustainability of local communities.

Minimum Criteria for Support 

All initiatives or organisations supported by our businesses must meet the following minimum criteria for support:

Initiatives or organisations must: 

    • Be reputable with a positive track record and solid governance;  
    • Share our company Values, and must not engage in activities that would contravene the Values or our Code of Ethics; 
    • Be secular and predominantly concerned with providing services to the community;
    • Not be affiliated with a political party;
    • Be registered with tax deductibility status (applies to charities only). 
    • We do not support initiatives whereby support is conditional on receiving items of value in return (e.g. raffle tickets). 
  • We only support organisations or groups that pose no reputational risk to our business. 
  • We would like organisations to be prepared to publicly acknowledge our support.