Whistleblower Protection Policy


Summary of Whistleblower Protection Policy

Incitec Pivot is committed to a culture of compliance, ethical behaviour and good corporate governance. All employees are encouraged to report any matters or behaviours which they genuinely believe to be in contravention of Incitec Pivot's Codes of Conduct, policies or the law.  

Unacceptable conduct includes:

  • conduct or practices which are illegal or which breach any law;

  • breach of any Incitec Pivot policies;

  • fraud, theft or misappropriation; 

  • bribery, corruption or the making of improper payments;

  • unlawful discrimination or harassment;

  • conduct or practices involving danger to the health or safety or any individual or any damage to the environment.

In the first instance, any concerns regarding actual or suspected contraventions of ethical or legal standards should be raised with a person's Line Manager or General Manager or reported to the Group General Counsel (who is the designated Whistleblower Protection Officer). Where a person wishes to remain anonymous, they can contact the IPL Whistleblower Hotline (which is operated by a third party provider) and the matter will be referred to the Whistleblower Protection Officer.  

Where a matter has been referred to the Whistleblower Protection Officer, an investigator will be appointed to conduct an investigation.  Investigations are required to follow the standard Incitec Pivot procedures for handling a complaint or disciplinary issue.

Incitec Pivot is committed to ensuring any individual is not disadvantaged in any way from validly raising concerns about suspected reportable behaviour. If a whistleblower feels that reprisals have been taken, that person can appeal through the Group General Counsel.

Incitec Pivot's whistleblower reporting system meets all relevant Australian legislative requirements, and is consistent with Australian Standard AS8004 (Whistleblower Protection Programs for Entities). Reports on the operation of the system are made to the Audit and Risk Management Committee.