At IPL, we are committed to being an inclusive and accessible organisation through the development of a culture that embraces diversity. We believe that making opportunities for the contributions of a diverse workforce has benefits for our employees, our communities and our business.

Our employees range in age and gender and come from many different cultures, traditions and lifestyles. It is the diversity of our people that makes our company a great place to work. IPL benefits from this variety of perspectives and ideas, experience and capabilities, all of which lead to a greater opportunity for innovation and a better workplace. To assist in building our diverse community, we established a Diversity Council last year, which reports to the Managing Director & CEO, James Fazzino. The Council provides leadership and support in implementing the company’s Diversity Policy and Strategy. Our Board of Directors maintains oversight of the Diversity Policy and the implementation of the Diversity Strategy.


The Diversity Strategy recognises that each business unit is at a different stage of maturity in its approach to diversity and faces different challenges depending on where employees are located around the world. As a result, we developed a phased approach to implementing the Diversity Strategy. Last year, each of the Australian business units and functions developed and implemented diversity plans based on our Diversity Principles of:


• Respecting our differences

• Shaping our future organisation

• Building a flexible organisation


This year, in addition to our Accessibility Action Plans in the US, we worked to incorporate Diversity into the broader HR strategy in the US and Canada. 


Respecting our differences is critical to ensuring that our work places will be free of discrimination and harassment and inclusive of all people, regardless of differences

Shaping our future organisation means IPL is continuing to develop a diverse workforce, creating business sustainability and strength. We also offer workplace flexibility by providing opportunities for working arrangements that accommodate the needs of the Company while balancing the diverse needs of its people at different stages in their careers and lives. In order to progress our Diversity Strategy, this year the following initiatives were undertaken:

• Our Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report was endorsed as fully compliant by the WGEA, as in previous years

• We extended the ‘My Potential’ Program across Australia and the Americas. This program was specifically developed to support female employees to progress and thrive in their careers

• We continued to improve our recruitment and selection processes to support our Diversity agenda in Australia and North America. In addition to providing tailored recruitment processes to attract female and Australian Indigenous candidates, we introduced increased reporting and targeted metrics in 2015 to allow us to track, analyse and improve our recruitment processes for these groups

• We embedded our Talent and Succession Planning process to assist in developing an improved reflection of diversity within our Senior Management Roles

• We broadened our Diversity engagement platforms to incorporate contractors and to include criteria on Diversity in our Procurement processes

• We continued facilitate the Cultural Capability training program to raise awareness of Australian Indigenous culture, achieving a ccoverage target of 40% of employees during 2015

• We continued to facilitate Anti-Harassment and Discrimination training

• In Australia, in partnership with Seventeenhundred, we achieved a 25% usage rate of our Family Support Program. SeventeenHundred is a ‘living solutions’ provider offering family support programs and services to assist employees to manage their work and family responsibilities.

• We hosted two ‘National Association of Women in Operations’ (NAWO) events at our Gibson Island site in Queensland, Australia this year.


This year the proportion of women employed across the Group increased to 16.01 percent. This increase is partly due to increased female participation in board, executive and management roles. Further details on our Diversity Policy, Strategy and progress are available in our 2015 Corporate Governance Statement and at www.incitecpivot.com.au.

Australian Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)


This year the IPL Board approved our Reconciliation Action Plan, which has also been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. The RAP will be launched in 2016 and provides us with a framework to outline our vision for reconciliation and is also a public commitment to implementing and measuring practical actions that build respectful relationships and create opportunities for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 


IPL has identified six organisational program investment areas and has committed to undertaking a significant body of work across these areas, developing the Australian Indigenous Employment Strategy and the Australian Indigenous Relations Policy. Each business and operational Group is responsible for identifying local engagement and employment needs and opportunities and working towards improving engagement and employment outcomes for First Australian Peoples as set out under the six program investment areas.


As an organisation, we are committed to working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, other keys stakeholders and government agencies to deliver the goals set out in this plan. We aim to find the most innovative and efficient solutions to our challenges by exploring opportunities within the industry, partnering in other stakeholder initiatives, seeking out opportunities across both the private and public sector. 


By working collaboratively and implementing the initiatives outlined in the RAP, IPL will continue to work towards reconciliation in Australia.