♦ Community Consultation on Major Projects

We undertake community consultation activity in support of all major development projects. These construction projects are typically multi-million dollar developments, taking place over months and years.


The local community, understandably, has questions and concerns about how such developments may impact them. We utilise internal expertise and, when required, employ stakeholder and community engagement specialists to support our project teams and local people to ensure timely communications throughout a project’s life cycle.


Louisiana Project, US

During 2015, construction of the 800,000 tonne per annum ammonia plant at Waggaman, Louisiana, USA remained on track and on budget for production in the third quarter of 2016. The safety target for the total project was to achieve a TRIFR of 1.05. Over three million construction hours have been worked to date and the current TRIFR is 0.37.

Apart from providing 750 peak construction jobs, Louisiana Economic Development estimates the Waggaman project will bring more than 540 new permanent positions to the area, including 65 permanent positions at the ammonia plant. Being constructed on a brownfield site, located on the Cornerstone Chemicals complex, the plant is being built using KBR Purifier TM Ammonia Process plant technology, which has been rated as the most reliable and efficient in the world, setting a new standard in clean ammonia production. In line with our commitment to sustainable development, the project will be completed with zero land clearing and will operate with reduced energy use, low NOx emissions and clean sustainably sourced water. Download the Louisiana Project Case Study here.


Throughout each stage of the project, stakeholder and community engagement activities have been undertaken to ensure community questions and concerns are appropriately addressed.


Our project team met with the Cornerstone Community Advisory Panel to provide an update on construction and associated activity in 2015. The project team continues to meet six monthly with Jefferson Parish officials, elected Councillors and key government stakeholders, including officials from Louisiana Economic Development, in relation to construction and operational activities, and to ensure they are informed of progress.